Tour: Northern lights Private Photo Tour, Reykjavik, Iceland

Date: October 3 /19

I confess, I am a very picky person and expect perfection. I know, that is stress inducing and unrealistic, but I blame that imperfection on my 1970s childhood.   I maintained a high expectation standard for my trip to Iceland for five days with two friends and our Guide, Havar, delivered on every level.

I will break this review down into four areas as follows:

English Comprehension/Communication: The depth and breath of Havar’s understanding of English is completely astonishing.   Harvar speaks, and understands, English like a mother tongue, native speaker.  Havar was educated in England and that education is evident.  Along with a clear understanding of the English language, Havar communications clearly, which is essential when travelling together for five days.

Knowledge: Havar is well schooled in all aspects of Iceland and Icelandic culture.  Be the question in the areas of Botany, Geography, History, Literature, Arts & Culture, Volcanology, Oceanography, Glaciology or Gastronomy, Havar possesses thoughtful responses for every question.  Moreover, every conversation revealed depth of Havar’s education and experience.

Flexibility: Havar was very flexible and observed (and respected) our pace for the trip.  We were utterly satisfied with the respectful, kind and flexible treatment that we received.  Naturally, as we traveled together for five days, we hosted Havar at our mealtimes and he was appreciative, respectful and relaxed.

Safety: We drove for hundreds of kilometers, exploring the East and North of Iceland.  Havar put “safety first” in all driving situations.  During hikes and explorations Havar lead the way and always provided ample guidance on suitable equipment and clothing for the concerned activity. Also Havar possesses First Responder safety training to assist guests in case of an emergency.

Overall, our time with Havar was a very positive encounter- that’s right not one gripe!!!  We thoroughly enjoyed our adventure to Iceland and Havar made it all happen.  I definitely will be returning to Iceland to see the North and we will be hiring Havar as our Expert Guide Professional.

Gina Gentili, Canada

Tour: Northern lights Private Photo Tour, Reykjavik, Iceland

Date: October 3 /19

“We've returned home from the tour you booked for us (Northern Lights – 3 October)....exhausted after having a wonderful time.

Our driver/tour guide Havar was absolutely spectacular!  He is the very best guide we've ever matter what country we've been in.  He deserves recognition for how he delivered us on time, explained details about every stop AND the areas in-between.  He had a very diverse group age wise....from about 25 through 94.....and handled us all with great skill.

In spite of the constant rain and wind...and the fleeting Northern Lights...the tour that could have been disappointing was wonderful...mainly due to him.

Pat and Bill Van Dorn”

Tour: Northern lights Private Photo Tour, Reykjavik, Iceland

Date: September /19

Havar was a first class tour leader.  He was always courteous and caring to all 16 in the group.  His driving was excellent, we always felt safe and comfortable.  Most importantly, his commentary along the way was interesting and prepared us well for our stops, especially if the weather was windy or wet and we needed to take extra care.  In delivering all this he retained a great sense of humour, making our tour absolutely wonderful.  Plus he went out of his way to check on Northern Lights forecasts, and took us out twice, with a wonderful viewing and superb photos on the second night.

Tricia Aitchinsson

Melbourne Australia

Tour: Northern lights Private Photo Tour, Reykjavik, Iceland

Date: Mar 13/19

Havar was an excellent guide for our Northern Lights tour. A snowy afternoon when the bus tours, super jeeps cancelled, Havar was confident we could find the lights and we did. Spectacular greens across the sky and visible to the eye. The private tour saved the night, allowed flexibility to search and provided quiet solitude to enjoy the light show. Seeing the lights is not guaranteed but Havar made a special and successful effort. Good personality, informative and would highly recommend Havar.

David Polston

United States

Tour: Northern lights Private Photo Tour, Reykjavik, Iceland

Date: Mar 13/19

Reviewed November 9, 2018 

Excellent tour to see the Northern Lights

Review of: Small-Group Deluxe Northern Lights Tour from Reykjavik

Havar Sigurjonsson was our very competent tour guide and driver. He knew where to go so we could see the lights and he took photos of us and emailed them to us rather than posting them on Facebook because he was concerned that we receive the best quality of photos. He was extremely considerate, providing us with hot chocolate and pastries and then blankets for the ride home. His commentary was interesting and thorough. While in Reykjavik I went on 3 northern lights excursions. Two were small groups and one was a large coach. I would definitely recommend the small groups. My large coach excursion was a waste of time.

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Date of experience: October 2018

Tour: Northern lights deluxe tour

Date: feb 14/18

Reviewed February 14, 2018 

Amazaing experience thanks to our driver Havar

Our previous two nights were cancelled due to bad weather so this was our final night and last opportunity to see them. 
Forecast for the Aurora was minimal so we didn't expect to see them but Havar knew just where to go and there they were. They weren't that active as per the forecast but we got some amazing pictures and Havar had the right camera settings and tripod and took some great pictures of us all, kindly agreeing to email them to us. 
The hot chocolate and doughnut was gratefully received by our party of six. 
On our way back we passed other tour buses but the lights weren't visible from where they were parked so I'm so happy we got Havar as our driver. He was incredibly knowledgeable and talked through the science and history of the lights on the journey down and got us all back safely, driving in some heavy snow fall, on the way home. Thanks Havar!

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Date of experience: February 2018

We signed up for this tour because we wanted a smaller more personable experience and we were not disappointed. We went on the tour on February 23rd and it was simply outstanding. Our driver and guide Havar was extremely knowledgeable and provided tons of very interesting information and told a number of amusing stories. We quite enjoyed his sense of humor. It was very nice to visit some less busy locations in addition to the more crowded Golden Circle sites. Havar even made an unscheduled stop for us at the church in Skalholt which we much appreciated. The tour was the highlight of our trip and we would highly recommend it.

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Date of experience: February 2017

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